NY Care Information Gateway Addressing Participant Gaps With Success!

Data Analytics

NYCIG fueled greater care value to one of its participant’s diabetic patient population. NYCIG combined the organization’s 19,000 patient records with its own unified care records to more comprehensively and accurately represent the organization’s aggregated diabetes hemoglobin A1C (HbA1c) scores, moving it into a new threshold for value-based payments for controlled diabetic patients. The ability to more effectively identify patients who did and did not need medical services allowed the organization to reduce operational costs and deliver quality of care to patients in need. As a result of this success, NYCIG will now provide the organization with 30 unique data set measures for additional large patient cohorts.

Alert Customization

NYCIG is also using custom alerts to reduce alert fatigue and streamline workflows for other participants. Utilizing custom alerts configured by practice population and alert type, and primarily focusing on notifications for hospital readmissions or discharges, NYCIG has reduced alert volume by managing the information most important to each provider and by doing so has directly impacted the ability of the participant to increase their practice revenue. Nick VanDuyne, Executive Director of NYCIG, presented on the organization’s use of their HealthShare platform to meet the needs of their participants at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2019 Conference in February.

NY Care Information Gateway Installs New MPI

An InterSystems customer since 2014, NYCIG recently added Patient Index functionality to the HealthShare products already in use in an effort to close gaps in care for patients across New York City and Long Island. As care organizations realign to support initiatives such as the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program (DSRIP), HealthShare Patient Index empowers NYCIG to deliver its participants the most critical information necessary to reduce readmission rates and support reimbursements under managed care models.

Following the migration to Patient Index from a previous technology provider, NYCIG immediately synced patient records, identifying and removing more than 500,000 duplicate records. By having the ability to share real-time updates to the state’s master patient index, NYCIG delivers more comprehensive patient care records to all of its RHIO partners in New York State.

“Value-over-volume is a critical metric for healthcare organizations at the local and national level, so it’s imperative that organizations like NYCIG, as a partner in their success, to close any data gaps for our customers to help them meet their performance measures and deliver the highest quality in care delivery,” said Nick VanDuyne, Executive Director of NYCIG. “HealthShare allows our partners to have access to a unified care record for their patients, provide better quality care, reduce readmissions and increase practice revenue. It brings us even closer to our end goal of achieving as much coverage as possible to patients across the regions of NYC and Long Island.”

NYCIG Announces New Board Member!

NY Care Information Gateway is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Michael Guarino as its’ newest board member.Mr. Guarino’s extensive experience across many areas of ambulatory care will reshape the future governance of the NYCIG organization helping to take into account the increased diversity of its Participants.His professional accomplishments include being the Executive Director and founder of the IPA of Nassau/Suffolk Counties, an independent physician association comprised of over 2,000 clinicians across all five boroughs of Manhattan and both Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island.He is also President and CEO of Practice Management of America. Leading this managed service organization, he is sought out for his valuable insight and has served on many national and state boards advising on healthcare decision making and policy.In addition to working with numerous ambulatory centers throughout the eastern seaboard, he is also a Board Member of Guiding Star Tampa, a center offering medical services, education and counseling for women.An active parishioner and mentor of youth at Saint Timothy Catholic Church in Lutz, Florida, Mr. Guarino also authored Faith Hope Love Brittany in 2016 chronicling his 500-mile spiritual journey along the Camino de Santiago with his autistic daughter. He is happily married to his wife, Marissa, who works alongside him executing his vision. They are the proud parents of three children. Mr. Guarino’s three-year term as Board Member began January 1, 2019.

NYCIG Under New Leadership

February 2017: Nick VanDuyne has assumed the role of Executive Director of the NY Care Information Gateway RHIO (NYCIG).

Appointed to this new role by the NYCIG Board of Directors, Mr. VanDuyne will be working closely with NYCIG’s previous Executive Director, Al Marino, as he transitions for his retirement from the organization. Mr. VanDuyne’s rich background in health information technology and public policy combined with his passion for organizational effectiveness will greatly benefit NYCIG as it moves into another year of major milestones including a newly consolidated platform, eConsent deployment and rapidly growing membership. For more information about Mr VanDuyne’s professional accomplishments and interests, click here.

NYCIG Annual Member Meeting at NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue

One of two Annual Member Meetings kicked off last night at NYC Health+Hospitals/Bellevue. Chief Executive Officer and NYCIG Board Member, William Hicks, gave opening remarks to the many Participants in the room eager to hear the success stories of their peers. Executive Director, Nick VanDuyne, summarized the key performance aspects of the past year including a significant increase in Participant data contribution. Presentations in performance improvement utilizing services rendered through Partnership with NYCIG were provided by executive leadership from One City Health and Suffolk Care Collaborative. Engagement stations with demonstrations on the NYCIG eConsent application, HealthShare Patient Index Impact on Patient Record Management and Collective Medical’s EDIE were provided by subject matter experts throughout the evening. Another meeting will be held next Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at the Long Island State Veterans Home providing an opportunity for Participants to engage with NYCIG subject matter experts and to hear our guest speaker’s success stories. Contact us today to reserve your seat at 631-250-9196!

NYCIG 2018 Annual Member Meetings Announced!

NY Care Information Gateway cordially invites you to this year’s Annual Member Meeting. Join us for refreshments and engage with our subject matter experts on: 

  • Data Exchange Incentive Program & SHIN-NY Connectivity Incentive – funding available to offset interface costs 
  • NYCIG’s eConsent Application – improving compliance & office workflow 
  • HealthShare Patient Index – a set of software algorithms and services providing better record matching

2 Separate Dates ◊ 2 Convenient Locations
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 — Bellevue Hospital, 462 1st Avenue, The Rose Room, New York, NY 5:00 – 7:00 PM
Tuesday, October 23, 2018 — Long Island State Veterans Home, 100 Patriots Road, Stony Brook, NY 5:00 – 7:00 PM

This Year’s Presentations to Include:

  1. Leveraging RHIO Alerts to Improve Outcomes: A Pilot Conducted in Partnership between Suffolk Care Collaborative, Meeting House Lane Medical and NYCIG
  2. Reduction in VBP QIP HCA1C Target: A Project Driven by RHIO Data Assisting Performance Improvement Director at NYC Health + Hospitals
  3. ACEP Endorses EDIE™ from Collective Medical Technologies : Improving Patient Care by Allowing Emergency Physicians to make more informed clinical decisions and direct a patient’s follow-up care

RSVP Requested by October 12, 2018 to Notices@NYCIG.org or call us at (631) 250-9191 TODAY!


As it has been over 8 months since we last met at our Annual Member Meeting, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some updates with you, our valued Participants.

  • Our base of Participants continues to grow! Over 100 new Participants have joined NY Care Information Gateway since our last Annual Meeting. This helps us to meet the data retrieval needs of our Participants through increasing the diversity and amount of healthcare information in our exchange.Of these new Participants, at least 50% are already interfaced and sharing data or are in the process of interfacing to share data.Check out our website to see our new Participants at www.NYCIG.org.

Please note – to date, our Participants do not pay any annual or monthly membership fees to our organization. If any fees are extended to the Participant, it is associated with development that is requested by the Participant to interface (share data), receive clinical event notifications (Alerts) and/or to integrate the clinical viewer into a client’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR)/Electronic Health Record (EHR) for ease of use.Organizations incur no additional expenses once work is completed.

  • Our Provider Relations team educates our new and existing Participants about any financial incentive programs available to them by NY State to help offset the cost of interfacing to our platform.The payment of any incentives are distributed directly to our Participants upon completion of their identified milestones.Speak with one of NYCIG’s Provider Relations team members TODAY to see if our team can assist your organization in completing paperwork required such as applications and attestations. Once completed, we can submit them on behalf of your organization as well. Participating in these programs does not obligate your organization to any recurring expense.
  • Let the data flow! Our platform now provides access to the health information of pediatric patients from birth to age 17.Previously blocked data is now accessible AND if your organization provides minor consented services, we can provision your users with the ability to perform a Minor Consent Override (MCO).Contact your account manager to identify if your organization is in need of this training or call us at 631-250-9191.
  • Our team continues to grow! We have added 5 new team members over the last six months to help us develop, service and maintain our growing infrastructure.
  • NYCIG received the designation of EP2 Technical Agent (Medicaid Eligible Provider (EP2) Program) for the Long Island region.At NO COST to you, our team is available for outreach, assistance and support services for achieving meaningful use if your organization has an ONC-certified EHR/EMR.Look for future correspondence or reach out to us to inquire by calling 631-250-9191 or by email at Info@NYCIG.org.
  • Planning for our next Annual Member Meeting has begun! Like last year, we will have two separate dates at two separate Participant locations.If you have suggestions and or would like to nominate your organization to host one of these events, please contact our Senior Director of Client Services, Sue-Ann.Villano@NYCIG.org.

April 2018 — NY Care Information Gateway Opens Access to Providers for Minor Patient Data

Access to Information Expands April 10, 2018

NYCIG’s participating providers are now able to access data securely through the clinical viewer for minor patients 10 – 17 years of age (excluding SAMHSA data). This expansion of access is in direct response to a change in New York State policy that went into effect in March of 2016.

Previously, with affirmative consent on file from a parent or legal guardian, it was permissible for providers to access data for children from birth until the age of 10. With this new policy change, the consent window opens to include seven more years (birth to 17 years of age). At the age of 18, the child’s consent value on the NYCIG platform defaults back to a value of “no consent” so that they can provide a consent decision for themselves. All New York State Qualified Entities (QEs), includingNYCIG, had until March of 2018 to make the necessary changes to their platforms to accommodate these policy changes to allow for the opened flow of data of minors.

New Minor Consent Override Process

Any child between the ages of 10 – 17 that receives care by a provider for “minor consented services”* can consent at the time of care to allow this provider to view their data from NYCIG. All providers of minor consented services will have a Minor Consent Override (MCO) form to allow the child to “override” any existing consent in the system placed by a parent or legal guardian allowing the provider access to that child’s information (including SAMHSA data) at the point of care. This “minor consent override” is a temporary (one visit) affirmative consent. The system defaults back to the consent status on file for that child prior to the “override” after treatment by the provider is completed.

Training for all applicable NYCIG Participants will include a review of the new MCO form as well as the new attestation process built in the NYCIG clinical viewer specifically for our end users at Minor Consented Service organizations. Starting April 23, NYCIG’s Provider Relations Team will be reaching out to all applicable organizations to schedule this training. For more information or to ensure that you are included in the upcoming trainings, please reach out to your Provider Relations Specialist or contact our Senior Director of Client Services, Sue-Ann Villano, by calling 631-250-9196 or by email at Sue-Ann.Villano@NYCIG.org.

*“Minor Consented Services” = These services include treatment for:

-alcohol and drug abuse

-pregnancy and pregnancy services

-ANY reproductive health service

-sexual assault

-HIV testing, HIV treatment

-family planning

-sexually transmitted diseases

-outpatient mental health treatment and counseling

Minors can obtain services for these conditions without parental consent.

Woodside Medical Care, P.C.

NY Care Information Gateway welcomes Woodside Medical Care, P.C. to their growing number of new Participants. Established in 2006 this family medicine practice under the leadership of Dr. Daniel Park, provides care for children and adults. His practice is located at 60-14 Roosevelt Avenue in Woodside, Queens. For more information or for an appointment, please call (718) 446-6579.