April 2018 — NY Care Information Gateway Opens Access to Providers for Minor Patient Data

Access to Information Expands April 10, 2018

NYCIG’s participating providers are now able to access data securely through the clinical viewer for minor patients 10 – 17 years of age (excluding SAMHSA data). This expansion of access is in direct response to a change in New York State policy that went into effect in March of 2016.

Previously, with affirmative consent on file from a parent or legal guardian, it was permissible for providers to access data for children from birth until the age of 10. With this new policy change, the consent window opens to include seven more years (birth to 17 years of age). At the age of 18, the child’s consent value on the NYCIG platform defaults back to a value of “no consent” so that they can provide a consent decision for themselves. All New York State Qualified Entities (QEs), includingNYCIG, had until March of 2018 to make the necessary changes to their platforms to accommodate these policy changes to allow for the opened flow of data of minors.

New Minor Consent Override Process

Any child between the ages of 10 – 17 that receives care by a provider for “minor consented services”* can consent at the time of care to allow this provider to view their data from NYCIG. All providers of minor consented services will have a Minor Consent Override (MCO) form to allow the child to “override” any existing consent in the system placed by a parent or legal guardian allowing the provider access to that child’s information (including SAMHSA data) at the point of care. This “minor consent override” is a temporary (one visit) affirmative consent. The system defaults back to the consent status on file for that child prior to the “override” after treatment by the provider is completed.

Training for all applicable NYCIG Participants will include a review of the new MCO form as well as the new attestation process built in the NYCIG clinical viewer specifically for our end users at Minor Consented Service organizations. Starting April 23, NYCIG’s Provider Relations Team will be reaching out to all applicable organizations to schedule this training. For more information or to ensure that you are included in the upcoming trainings, please reach out to your Provider Relations Specialist or contact our Senior Director of Client Services, Sue-Ann Villano, by calling 631-250-9196 or by email at Sue-Ann.Villano@NYCIG.org.

*“Minor Consented Services” = These services include treatment for:

-alcohol and drug abuse

-pregnancy and pregnancy services

-ANY reproductive health service

-sexual assault

-HIV testing, HIV treatment

-family planning

-sexually transmitted diseases

-outpatient mental health treatment and counseling

Minors can obtain services for these conditions without parental consent.