NY Care Information Gateway Addressing Participant Gaps With Success!

Data Analytics

NYCIG fueled greater care value to one of its participant’s diabetic patient population. NYCIG combined the organization’s 19,000 patient records with its own unified care records to more comprehensively and accurately represent the organization’s aggregated diabetes hemoglobin A1C (HbA1c) scores, moving it into a new threshold for value-based payments for controlled diabetic patients. The ability to more effectively identify patients who did and did not need medical services allowed the organization to reduce operational costs and deliver quality of care to patients in need. As a result of this success, NYCIG will now provide the organization with 30 unique data set measures for additional large patient cohorts.

Alert Customization

NYCIG is also using custom alerts to reduce alert fatigue and streamline workflows for other participants. Utilizing custom alerts configured by practice population and alert type, and primarily focusing on notifications for hospital readmissions or discharges, NYCIG has reduced alert volume by managing the information most important to each provider and by doing so has directly impacted the ability of the participant to increase their practice revenue. Nick VanDuyne, Executive Director of NYCIG, presented on the organization’s use of their HealthShare platform to meet the needs of their participants at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2019 Conference in February.