As it has been over 8 months since we last met at our Annual Member Meeting, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some updates with you, our valued Participants.

  • Our base of Participants continues to grow! Over 100 new Participants have joined NY Care Information Gateway since our last Annual Meeting. This helps us to meet the data retrieval needs of our Participants through increasing the diversity and amount of healthcare information in our exchange.Of these new Participants, at least 50% are already interfaced and sharing data or are in the process of interfacing to share data.Check out our website to see our new Participants at www.NYCIG.org.

Please note – to date, our Participants do not pay any annual or monthly membership fees to our organization. If any fees are extended to the Participant, it is associated with development that is requested by the Participant to interface (share data), receive clinical event notifications (Alerts) and/or to integrate the clinical viewer into a client’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR)/Electronic Health Record (EHR) for ease of use.Organizations incur no additional expenses once work is completed.

  • Our Provider Relations team educates our new and existing Participants about any financial incentive programs available to them by NY State to help offset the cost of interfacing to our platform.The payment of any incentives are distributed directly to our Participants upon completion of their identified milestones.Speak with one of NYCIG’s Provider Relations team members TODAY to see if our team can assist your organization in completing paperwork required such as applications and attestations. Once completed, we can submit them on behalf of your organization as well. Participating in these programs does not obligate your organization to any recurring expense.
  • Let the data flow! Our platform now provides access to the health information of pediatric patients from birth to age 17.Previously blocked data is now accessible AND if your organization provides minor consented services, we can provision your users with the ability to perform a Minor Consent Override (MCO).Contact your account manager to identify if your organization is in need of this training or call us at 631-250-9191.
  • Our team continues to grow! We have added 5 new team members over the last six months to help us develop, service and maintain our growing infrastructure.
  • NYCIG received the designation of EP2 Technical Agent (Medicaid Eligible Provider (EP2) Program) for the Long Island region.At NO COST to you, our team is available for outreach, assistance and support services for achieving meaningful use if your organization has an ONC-certified EHR/EMR.Look for future correspondence or reach out to us to inquire by calling 631-250-9191 or by email at Info@NYCIG.org.
  • Planning for our next Annual Member Meeting has begun! Like last year, we will have two separate dates at two separate Participant locations.If you have suggestions and or would like to nominate your organization to host one of these events, please contact our Senior Director of Client Services, Sue-Ann.Villano@NYCIG.org.